Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beginning Playing Hordes: Decisions, Decisions

So now that I've got a couple games under my belt and I know I'm enjoying playing Circle Orboros, I have to get some of my models painted. I  got started with the Hordes two player battle box which comes with a Circle force that makes about a 20 point list, which is a good starting game size. My starting Circle force consists on a warlock, Kaya, two different two headed wolves called arguses (Argi? Nah, that sounds awful.-CI), a unit of skinwalkers (half werewolf soldiers), and a huge werewolf called a feral warpwolf. Now that probably doesn't mean much to 40k players but pictures will follow soon. 

As far as a paint scheme, I had some ideas in mind. These guys really feature a lot of earthy skin and hair tones and I didn't want to reach too far out of the ordinary with these subjects, although I've seen very good looking purple werewolves online, so that just leaves the armor. Just about every model in the faction features leather and metal armor. That's really what brings the force together given the variety of flesh and hair tones. 

The studio scheme for Circle is gold armor with green finish over the gold. I really liked the look of it but generally I've always strayed from the given paint scheme of an army, at least somewhat. I was debating between two silver based schemes, basically red on silver and blue on silver. But the more I thought about it, the more the studio theme appealed to me. I started thinking about it with a more dull gold color and a brighter green. 

As I said I have two argus wolf beasts. They aren't very popular so I'm not sure if they'll see the table after my first couple games. They seem like the perfect test models. Here they are:

Don't be too hard on them, it's been awhile since I got to painting and this scheme is entirely new to me. I do like how they turned out though, and it was fun to paint something so different as compared to a ton of Space Wolves. Let me know what you think and there's more to come! 


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