Monday, July 14, 2014

Finished Ruins

As I mentioned previously, I volunteered to paint some GW ruins for use during the Imperiad GT and I was way behind. The last two weeks have been spent finishing them off (with the help of my wife, who it turns out is quite good at drybrushing). The paint scheme is pretty basic. They were sprayed with a dark grey and heavily drybrushed light grey. I then went over the buildings and painted the detail (there are so many skulls and lights on these kits!) before washing them with black-brown wash of my own mix. Finally, I applied weathering powder to the bases.

Some of the pictures came out less than perfect, as the ruins are larger than my photo setup. However, I think they still convey the appearance of the buildings well enough. All pictures of each building are on the same row.

The last two buildings fit together with a bridge I painted earlier, to create a massive building to dominate the table.

Finally, I painted up a few small walls to act as cover for forces on the ground.

Now that my building commitment is done, I'm going to try and finish a new Stormtalon to use in the GT.


  1. Nice! When can I send you my terrain to paint up for me???

  2. No more, please! I don't want to paint anymore skulls for a while, and my wife is still forgiving me for the amount of washes spattered all over our patio furniture.


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