Monday, July 28, 2014

Executioners Stormtalon: Kerlit's Arrow

I mentioned before that I want to take a second Stormtalon to the Imperiad GT, but I wasn't sure if I would able to paint one in time. When it came time to submit my army list, I used a list with two Stormtalons, so I was committed. As soon as the buildings were done, I picked up a Stormtalon and set to work. Here's how it came out.

Due to the speed that I needed to finish it, I've only painted up the skyhammer missiles, thought I magnetized it so I can switch out the other weapons once I paint them. I also haven't had time to paint a new base for it, so it is shown here on my Stormraven's base. I've dubbed this Stormtalon Kerlit's Arrow (another reference to the original Conan movie).


  1. Not really sure on the red armour on the pilot. Maybe it's the difference in the colours between the hull and the pilot but it just looks odd to me, I think I would have gone a darker shade or darker yellow. It looks really good though, just wish my airbrush skills were half as good!

  2. The red is a bit bright, but the pilot is supposed to be a Techmarine so I went with my standard Techmarine scheme. People rarely even notice that I painted the inside of the cockpit, to the point that I'm not sure it's worth the time.

    I actually don't own an airbrush. That's all brush work.

    1. We'll that makes sense, I think it's just the contrast between the two colours that makes it seem a lot brighter.

      As for not owning an airbrush, we'll, could have fooled me. My issue is always getting the colour flat and even across large areas with a brush. Have found that it's a lot easier with the airbrush, when I can get it working properly that is! I'll get the hang of it with practice though.

    2. It took me a long time to figure out how to get this color to look flat on vehicles. I'm still considering buying an airbrush. I'm sure it will take a lot of time and effort to really learn how to use it, and I've heard stories about how fragile they can be. Both of these have kind of put me off, but it would make painting much faster.

      Good luck with yours!

    3. I've just got a cheap one until I can figure out if I like it or not and also how to use it. Once I've done that I'll invest in something more expensive. so far though, when I get it to work properly, its really good and easy to use, plus makes painting leman russ' a lot quicker and easier!


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