Monday, June 2, 2014

Status Update

Hi All. I don't have any new content today because I spent the last week on my honeymoon. While I enjoyed some much needed relaxation, I did make the honeymoon a gaming free time. This was partially out of respect to my new wife, but also because I was getting tired of all the drama associated with the release of 7th Edition. As a result, I haven't picked up the new rules yet so I'll be a bit behind the curve discussing them.

Along with that, the release of a new Edition will also slow down my Tactica: Space Marines. I don't want to post any new unit reviews without knowing how the new Edition affects them. I really hope it won't invalidate my previous entries. I really don't want to re-write all of those Chapter Tactics reviews.

Anyway, you can expect my normal models and hobby content to continue, along with my initial thoughts on the increasingly controversial 7th Edition as soon as I can get my hands on it. Tacticas will have to be postponed until I feel like I have a better handle on the current game.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats man! I know how you feel, I just became a father, and haven't been able to play a single game for 2 months. I really want to try Astra Militarum, as they were my first army, and, of course, 7th ed. Next saturday we're gonna play a big 4vs4 game with all the 7th ed goodies, so I'll tell you how it goes...

  2. Congratulations!!!!

    I'm kinda meh on 7th ed, and see it more as inevitable rather than anything I actually want to play. As such, far from being 'behind the curve' you'll be right in line with those of us who didn't run out to buy it ASAP!

    Don't worry about that though, you & the Mrs. just enjoy life for a bit! 40k will always be there when you get time to get back around to it.



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