Monday, May 26, 2014

Commission: Cypher

I received a commission to convert a Cypher. He wasn't to look as chaotic as the standard Cypher model, and the goal was a world-weary gunfighter. My immediate reaction was to think of Josey Wales, so that was the sort of image I went for. I wanted him to look like he'd had a hard road since the Heresy. I also wanted him so look passive but dangerous, like he wouldn't start trouble but wouldn't hesitate to finish any threats immediately.

I think I did a decent job with it. Using existing bits, I could only change the stance so much. I sculpted the hood and mask from green stuff to give him a bit of an outlaw look.

Finally, here you can see my converted Lion Sword. It was surprisingly difficult to make a sheathed sword. The hilt was made from chopped up bits of several power swords, and the scabbard was made from plasticard of different thicknesses. Also, I used one of the official Cypher backpacks. They're just too iconic to leave out.

The armor was painted darker than I normally see Dark Angels. I did all of layering I normally do, but it was between a black base and a Caliban Green highlight. The armor looks black with just a hint of green.


  1. Wow, I hadn't ever seen his backpack! That is wicked awesome. Model looks great, hope your client is happy!

  2. He was very happy with it, even the super dark green paint job. I also really like the backpack. I had to buy a pack of them, so I'll be using one on an upcoming Executioners Chaplain.


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