Friday, May 9, 2014

Background: Captain Amalric of the Fourth Company

Amalric is the current Captain of the Fourth Company and has held that position since before the Badab War. Turanian by birth, Amalric is aggressive even for a ranking Executioner. He leads his heavily armed Command Squad, mounted on augmented steeds, directly into the enemy lines. While his stated objective is to bring the enemy leader to battle and add their skull to his impressive collection of trophies, his actions also serve to distract the enemy army and allow the other elements of the Fourth Company to carry out their roles with minimal opposition.

The Marines under his command recognize that their Captain’s bravado serves an important tactical role. They greatly respect him for continually placing himself in the most dangerous situations in order to ensure his Company’s success. Their loyalty is evident whenever Amalric is challenged, either by Executioners of other Companies or Space Marines of other Chapters. Every Fourth Company Sergeant stands ready to defend the honor of their Captain, and it is rare that the challenger lives long enough for Amalric to personally hear of the challenge. Once the challenge is brought to Amalric’s attention, usually when the challenger is another Captain, Amalric will allow no interference. To date, he has never been defeated and few challengers have survived their duel. This is particularly impressive as Amalric’s bravado and brash nature in battle lead to many challenges, particularly from more rigid and dogmatic Chapters fighting alongside the Executioners.

One of Amalric’s most notable victories occurred early in his tenure as Captain of the Fourth. The world of Poitan had fallen from the Imperial fold, its rightful governor deposed by a demagogue name Numedides. When a Company of Imperial Harbingers Space Marines were deployed to put down the rebellion, it quickly became clear how Numedides had gained control. He was a telepath of terrible power, and had subjugated the will of the Planetary Defense Force to gain power. He was able to extend his control over the Harbingers, who became his personal praetorians.

The Executioners Fourth Company deployed into the Poitanian capital city, moving rapidly to isolate and destroy elements of the PDF and Harbingers before they could consolidate their defense. It is unknown why the Executioners were able to resist Numedides control. It has been posited that he had reached the extent of his powers, or that the Executioners intense revulsion toward pyskers granted them some innate protection. Likely, Amon Yara was pivotal in defending his brethren from the rogue telepath.

Finally, the surviving elements of the Harbingers withdrew to Numedides’ palace. The Executioners shattered the outer defenses and breached Numedides throne room, but were paralyzed by the close proximity to such a powerful psyker. It seemed Numedides powers were still potent at such close range, and the subjugated Harbingers pressed their advantage over the sluggish Executioners. Amralric alone was able to resist the false king’s power, forcing his way through the battle and taking off Numedides’ head in a single stroke.

With Numedides death, the Executioners were freed from their torpor and the Harbingers regained control of their actions. Though they were ashamed of their failure, the Executioners would accept no apology. The blame laid with Numedides and the world that had allowed him to survive unchecked, not with the victims of his sorcery. To commemorate his victory over the false king of Poitan, Amalric added a crowned skull to his storm shield. 

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