Monday, April 28, 2014

Executioners Command Squad Part 2

Here are the last two members of my mounted Command Squad. The first is the basic squad member with a chain axe and storm shield because someone has to catch the first bullet.

The second is probably the most important member of the Command Squad, the Apothecary.

With the Command Squad finished, it's time to paint my Captain.


  1. These are wonderful conversions. Really cool!

  2. Thanks! I'm happy with how the squad came out, and am looking forward to putting them on the table. They're not too hard to make; the only tricky part is putting the bolters in the face, and a lot of people don't seem crazy about that so you could just leave it out.

    The other benefit is price. 5 Chaos Knights are $33 but 3 Space Marine Bikes are $40, so making bikers this way is almost half as expensive. It's definitely worth considering if you like the look.


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