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Minotaurs Chapter Tactics and Special Characters

The Minotaurs are a brutal Chapter, seemingly created by the High Lords of Terra for the purpose of disciplining wayward Space Marines and destroying renegade Chapters. Unrelenting Assault allows Minotaurs to re-roll failed Pinning tests and means that they don’t take morale tests due to shooting attacks. Trample and Crush grants Minotaurs Crusader and adds 1” to their charge distance when in the enemy deployment zone.

Altogether, Minotaurs are another close-combat Chapter. Like the Black Templars, they have Crusade, but Minotaurs trade the Templar’s challenge advantages for extremely reliable advances and extra charge distance in the enemy deployment zone. All in all, I think this is a good trade, but it’s not enough to make the Minotaurs a formidable assault threat.

Lord Asterion Moloc

Asterian Moloc is the Chapter Master of the Minotaurs, and he is armed as befitting the lord of such brutal warriors. He has Lysander levels of durability with Terminator Armor, a storm shield, and Eternal Warrior, and his Black Spear is an AP2 relic blade. It also can fire a 12” S8 AP2 shot once per game. Overall, he is both very durable and quite capable in assault.

Moloc’s Dark Fury makes any squad he joins Fearless and ignore any initiative penalties for assaulting into terrain. This is primarily useful when leading Terminators, as they lack frag grenades. Moloc’s main contribution is Sanctioned Fratricide, which grants Minotaurs Preferred Enemy against all loyal Space marines. This is a pretty massive advantage against a number of codices, though Space Marines are hardly tearing up the tournament scene at the moment. The downside is that all other Space Marines count Minotaurs as Desperate Allies. Finally, his Warlord Trait gives you a victory point for each enemy character slain in a challenge. Handy, but situational.

Asterion Moloc, the Brazen Warlord, is a combat character on the level of Lysander and is worth taking just on that level. Beyond that, he provides substantial but situational benefits to your entire army. His point cost is similar to any other Chapter Master with his abilities, and entirely worth his point cost as long as you weren’t planning to ally with other Space Marines.

Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi
Ivanus Enkomi is the Reclusiarch of the Minotaurs Chapter. He has the statline of a basic Chaplain with an extra attack and point of initiative. For a Chaplain, he is exceptionally well armed. He comes with his Crozius Arcanum, a power fist, auxiliary grenade launcher, and either void hardened armor or a jump pack. For most games, you’ll want to go with that jump pack. For a few extra points, you can replace his Crozius Arcanum and auxiliary grenade launcher with the Crozius Arkanos, which is a master-crafter, specialist, concussive power sword that also can fire a 12” range S3 small blast. Not bad, and it’s nice to be able to penetrate power armor with your Chaplain. He’s always got a power fist if he needs higher strength attacks.

Beyond the standard Chaplain special rules, Enkomi gives the squad he joins Rage. His Warlord trait forces enemy units within 12” to use their lowest LD value.

Ivanus Enkomi is the perfect character to lead the much maligned Assault squad. He has access to a bunch of close-combat weapons allowing him to engage a variety of foes, and he’s got an extra attack compared to the standard Chaplain. He has access to a jump pack (unlike most special characters) and he grants the Assault squad Rage as well as the usual Zealot. For all this, he’s only a few more points than a comparatively equipped Chaplain. Enkomi will turn a lackluster Assault squad into a fairly respectable assault unit at a budget price. Honestly, I wish he was available to other Chapters.  

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  1. Those are great chapter tactics. Moloc is A BEAST! He's pretty tough to kill, and striking first (most times) with AP2 can be devastating. Enkomi is giod also, especially for asaault squads... Which are going though hard times nowadays finding their way out of the shelf...


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