Friday, March 7, 2014

Doubles Tournament Report: Conclusion

We now have another team tournament under our belts, once again with the Executioners and Tyranids. We ended up placing 5th out of 7 teams, which isn’t the worst we’ve done. I feel like we played well but had some tough match ups.

The first game with the enemy army hidden in the Bastions during a kill point mission was rough. Our army gave up kill points very easily while our opponents’ armies were very durable. We couldn’t get to the more vulnerable units. I think we would have done much better against them in an objective mission.

Our final game was extremely difficult. The Stompa was pretty insurmountable, and we didn’t have the terrain necessary to hide from it. Even if we did, I’m not fond of the idea of spending a game running and hiding. I don’t think I’ll be attending any future Escalation events.

As far as how my army worked, I was pretty happy with most of it. I did have a few changes I will be making.

1) I’m still very underwhelmed by the Librarian. In particular, he doesn’t work well in a transport. He simply can’t use his powers well until the turn after he disembarks, and it’s often too little too late. Also, he seems to be very easy to kill once he’s exposed to use his powers. I mainly take him to save points, but I think I need to switch to using more aggressive, and hence more expensive, HQs.

2) A lone Stormtalon is no where near as good as a Stormtalon paired with a Stormraven. It too often dies to Interceptor fire as soon as it arrived, and spent most of its time alive snap firing because had to Jink. I think I need to get another Stormtalon and use them as a pair.

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