Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Corbulo is celebrating along with you.
I decided to make some gaming resolutions for the new year, and I figured I'd put them up here so you all can keep me honest.

1) Paint more than I buy

This is a resolution from last year, which I think I kept pretty well. I'm trying to reduce my massive stock of unpainted miniatures, mostly by painting them but also by giving some away that I know I'm never going to use. I really reduced my stock of extra Space Marines, so there will be a lot more Eldar painted in 2014.

2) Be more precise in game

As I feel like I'm getting more comfortable with Space Marines, I'm seeing some aspects of my play that I need to improve. I need to remember to use psychic powers at the right times. I also want to start rolling my sergeants' shooting and attacks in a different color so that I can make use of their precision attacks. I don't think I've ever remembered to do those with anything but sniper rifles. Finally, I want to stop giving my opponents easy kill points and first blood. This mostly applies to keeping my Rhinos safe, but also my Scouts. They seem to attract heavy flamers.

3) Play more games

I've been getting in more games this year than previous years, and I want to keep that up. There's nothing like experience to make you better at this game.

4) Expand my game

I've taken the first steps into fortifications and allies just recently, but I'd like to break out of my shell a bit more. While they could make my army more competitive, I'm more concerned with fun and fluffy choices (i.e. don't expect me to add Tau allies to my Executioners). 

Those are my resolutions. What are yours?


  1. Paint paint paint, and play play play, to win win win. Hehe jokes aside, FIRST, I'd like to keep attending to tournaments, as my very first ones have been in the end of this year, and it opens a whole new experience! I've been improving with each one and i even got 1st in a small one (10 players). SECONDLY, I want to attend to those tournents with everything painted. THIRDLY, write lots of interesting posts in my new 40k blog that came to life a week ago!
    Happy new year and keep up the bloggin'
    P.S As I mentioned above, I've started a 40k blog with some friends, I'd be honored If you passed by and dropped a comment, but I warn you... It's in Spanish!

  2. Those sound like worthy resolutions. My Spanish is pretty mediocre, but I'll try to keep up with your blog. I'll add it to my blog roll too!


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