Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Inquisitor Eli Damaskinos, Ordo Malleus

Eli Damaskinos is a relatively young Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus. At the conclusion of the Badab War, he was a minor member of the Inquisitorial court that punished the remaining Separatist Astartes. As an Istvaanian, Damaskinos believed that the Chapters involved in the Badab War, the largest inter-Astartes civil war since the Horus Heresy, would be the most effective force in Imperium. He was looking for a force that would both validate his beliefs and support his goals.

During the tribunal, Damaskinos was repeatedly impressed by the Executioners. Despite being on the losing side, they boasted one of the most successful records of any Chapter involved. In addition, their conduct demonstrated a consistent sense of warrior’s honor as well as impressive aggression, even for Space Marines. While the Carcharodons and Minotaurs both were more aggressive, Damaskinos found them unsuitable; the Carcharodons were simply too unpredictable and the Minotaurs too connected to the High Lords of Terra.

As the Executions prepared to depart for their penitent crusade, Inquisitor Damaskinos presented himself to Thulsa Kane and offered to accompany them. Kane was pleased that the young Inquisitor had not simply demanded to join them, as was his right. The Executioners accepted his offer, reasoning that they could easily arrange an accidental death for the Inquisitor if he proved an inconvenience.

Despite their early reservations, the Executioners quickly came to appreciate their Inquisitorial escort. Damaskinos was always eager to be in the vanguard of any battle, and his willingness to engage the enemy complemented the Executioners’ own. His psychic powers and combat prowess have proven useful many times, and his Inquisitorial contacts have repeatedly provided intelligence that saved the lives of Executioners in battle. While on penitent crusade and unable to recruit new Scouts, the importance of this reduction of casualties cannot be overestimated. In addition, the Inquisitor’s authority has allowed the Executioners to requisition supplies from sources that would otherwise refuse, based on the Executioners’ soiled reputation.

Damaskinos' supply of servo skulls, the rightmost 2 recently converted from the Devastators Box.
For his part, Eli Damaskinos has also found this to be a useful alliance. The Executioners are constantly in battle and are always willing to attack the targets of the Ordo Malleus. While this fulfills Damaskinos’ Inquisitorial goals, it also provides him with ample opportunity to test the beliefs of the Istvaanians.

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