Monday, December 9, 2013

Assorted Executioner Tacticals and Devastators

I've painted up the next batch of Executioner marines. This group includes the Tactical marines necessary of my new infantry hunting load out, as well as the remaining Devastators to allow me to field two five-strong squads, including sergeants and four heavy weapons. Here are the Tacticals:

These marines were all built with the new Tactical squad box, and you can see the new bits on them. I had particular fun with the shoulder pads. The flamer marine on the left has the rimless shoulder pad, so I didn't paint it the dark blue that usually backs the chapter icon. The whole pad stayed the same metallic blue-green as the rest of their armor, and it looks very natural.

The other flamer marine has the studded shoulder pad, which is nothing new. In the past, I've always painted the chapter icon on the right pad, with a smaller tactical insignia in the corner. This time, I forgot and just painted the full sized Tactical arrow. When I realized what I'd done, I painted the chapter icon over the area, intending to go back and paint over whatever areas of the arrow were left. However, when I finished the shield, I decided I liked the look of it overlaid on the Tactical arrow. Even so, he got a uncovered Tactical arrow on his knee to avoid confusion.

Here are the Devastators, including two sergeants and a missile launcher.

Other than showing off how good the new Tactical kit is, there's nothing too exciting about these guys. They'll fit into my army well as they blast apart enemy vehicles.


  1. Some nice looking minis you have there, particularly the sgt. in the first photo!

  2. Thanks! I'm particularly proud of the sergeants from this batch. It almost seems a shame that they'll be leading Devastators rather than getting stuck into the enemy.


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