Monday, November 25, 2013

Executioners Devastators

With the new Space Marine Codex, I've been updating my army to take advantage of the new rules. Of course, if I'm going to use Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics, I'll need some Devastators. Their Tank Hunters makes them extremely appealing.

First, I'm working on a squad with 4 lascannons, which will be the 4th Company Devastator squad. I painted all the heavy weapons with this round. The two on the left are previous Tactical Marines, with their squad designation repainted. Those on the right are new models.

Next up is a Devastator squad with 4 missile launchers. This would be seconded from the 9th Company, as each Executioners Battle Company only has a single Devastator squad. These are all new models, including a couple Forgeworld missile launchers.

I recently decided that I would be specializing my Tactical squads for dealing with infantry. It's what they're best at, and giving them weapons to deal with heavier targets always ended up getting the Tacticals in more trouble than they could handle. To do this and take more advantage of Bolter Drill, I'll be adding heavy bolters to both my Tactical squads. Here is the first.

My next batch of models will be the two Devastator sergeants, two flamers and a heavy bolter for my 
Tactical squads, and the last missile launcher.

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