Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Refurbished my Rangers

Sorry I missed some posts. I've been traveling and I didn't have time to schedule some posts in advance. I'm back now, and in this post I'll be showing off my refurbished Rangers. Dardreg Gargant yelled at me for not taking pictures before I refurbish my models, so here are a few of the old Rangers.

Not too bad overall. They need some highlighting, as well as rebasing and repainting of the gems. The bare skin is also very flat, so I repainted that. You'll notice that I painted their coats in two styles. The original coats are painted with a striped camo pattern. I still like it, but it certainly looks muddled. I didn't repaint it because I like the Rangers to have a non-uniform appearance. My newer rangers are painted in what I like to think looks like a brown suede coat.

Here are the refurbished Rangers.

I think they look much better now, but they needed comparatively little work. Next up will be my last painted squad, my Guardian Defenders. These were the first Eldar I painted and they certainly need the most work. Also, there are 16 of them, so they're taking longer than I planned.

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