Monday, October 21, 2013

Refurbished my Guardians

The last squad on my list to fix up was my Guardians. They were the first Eldar squad I painted back when I was in high school, and it really shows. Here's a shot of their original paintjob.

They needed the standard rebasing and repainting of gems, as well as repainting the discolored whit on their helmets and some general shading and highlighting. I also desperately needed to repaint the lime green vanes on their backs. That's some 3rd Edition silliness.

There they are in their new state. Much better looking, if I do say so myself, but nothing impressive. I didn't repaint their splotchy green army because I still like the look of it. It's not technically impressive but it reminds me of the old mottled Alaitoc paint scheme.

Having finally fixed up all of my old models, I can now return to working on some new ones. My next priorities are my three Wave Serpents, but I doubt I can paint three tanks in a row without doing some infantry in between.

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