Monday, October 7, 2013

Refurbished my Dire Avengers

Next up on my Eldar improvement project were two squads of Dire Avengers. One squad, made from the current kit (well, before it was reduced to 5 models), was pretty simple. All they needed was rebasing, repainting the gems, and painting aspect runes on their helmets.

The second squad was another story. They were the old Dire Avenger kit, which was Guardian Defenders with metal heads and cloths hanging from their belts. I wish I had thought to take some pictures of them before I fixed them up, as they were pretty awful. They had the same problem as the Warp Spiders, in that their helmets had gone from pure white to an aged yellowish white. The white also needed shading, while all the black needed highlights. Once I had fixed up all that, they got the same treatment at the other squad. They don't look great now, but they fit in with my army at least.

Next up will be a squad of Rangers.

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