Monday, September 16, 2013

Refurbished My Warp Spiders

My reworking of old Eldar models continues with my Warp Spiders. I chose to work on the Warp Spiders next for two reasons. First, the unit is amazing on the table and I plan to be using them a lot. Second, I thought the Warp Spiders were one of my better painted Eldar units. I was really wrong about that. Somehow, their white helmets had yellowed to a bone color, I hadn't highlighted any of the black, there were chips in the paint, and I kept finding details that I had totally forgotten paint the first time. I fixed that all up, as well as repainting the bases and painting the gems.

That's it for this batch. There will be more Eldar as I work my way through the army, and then I'll start on some new units.

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