Friday, September 6, 2013

Refurbished my Swooping Hawks

I'm working on slowly refurbishing my Eldar models that I painted almost a decade ago. Most of the models aren't too bad, as I painted them when I was starting to use my current layering approach. The only models that will be getting stripped and completely repainted are my Dark Reapers and Wraithlords (they all really need it).

First up are my Swooping Hawks. I liked the scheme overall, but I had tried to paint the wings with white and grey and then glaze them blue. This failed miserably and their wings just looked blue. I went over the wings and painted the feathers white, and then added some shading to the helmets. For the final touch, I freehanded the Swooping Hawk rune onto their helmets.

I also rebased these guys. The old bases were Desert Yellow with unpainted sand glued on top. In imitation of my Executioners' bases, I painted, drybrushed, and washed the sand and painted the edge of the base black. I went with a lighter color on the sand than for the Executioners, since I wanted to maintain the desert basing scheme.

What do you think?

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