Monday, September 30, 2013

Refurbished Eldar HQs

My latest batch of refurbished models are my two Farseers, my Warlock, and my Avatar. Overall, they were pretty simple and I just repainted the jewels and the bases. The jewels were a bit problematic because there were a lot of them, all in different orientations, so it took some thinking to get the reflections right. I also repainted the outer robe of my oldest Farseer, since it was originally just Dark Angels Green with a green wash.

Everybody came out looking pretty good, though the last highlight of Sybarite Green on the old Farseer's robes (in the left on the above photos) was brighter than I expected. I was able to tone it down the a Thraka Green wash, so it doesn't look too glaring. I'll have to use it strictly as an edge highlight.

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