Monday, September 2, 2013

Doubles Tournament: Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we had done better than our previous team tournament (where we went 0-3). There's still a bunch of room for improvement. Fortunately, I think I learned a few things.

1) Wave Serpents aren't the answer for everything, regardless of what the internet may say. Don't get me wrong, they're great, but they're too expensive and too few to take on the enemy army. Like most transports, the squad inside is just as important.

2) Speaking of the squads inside, Dire Avengers are pretty awesome. A basic squad will really chew up most targets (especially with Farseer support), and are generally able to minimize return fire. Mine mostly died when they attracted heavy weapons fire, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

3) I have heard a lot of players don't like Fire Dragons anymore since they got a points increase, but I found them invaluable. Wave Serpents cannot reliably deal with AV13 and 14, and we would have been unable to deal with these targets without the Fire Dragons (and the Tyranid monstrous creatures). They're still worth their points, even if the went up. Also, it's great to have another aspect with a 3+ save, especially one that attracts as much attention as Fire Dragons.

4) With this style army, getting first turn becomes very important. Wave Serpents need to move to get their Jink save, and taking a turn of firing before they can move really hurts. We play with a lot of terrain here, but it's still hard to find a place to hide 3 Serpents.

Those are my general thoughts at the end of it, but expect more as I continue playing the Eldar and experimenting with new units. I thought I'd finish off with some pictures from the painting contest for best Heavy Support. My Eldar are old paint jobs and weren't up to the competition, but there were several excellent models entered.

Not the best paint job and the base could use work, but I love the work that went into this model.

Chris' entry, which I was convinced would win, until I saw the next one.
The picture doesn't really do these models justice. They were beautiful, as was the rest of the army.

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