Monday, September 9, 2013

Baal Predator

I picked up three of the newer Baal Predator kits a while back, but never got around to painting them. I did start work on one, but abandoned it when I stopped playing the Blood Angels. However, recently I made a Kanban board to organize my painting (inspired by the Independent Characters Podcast). This included listing models that I had started painting but not finished, and the Baal Predator was at the top of the list. I pulled it off the shelf and finished it.

Of course, I magnetized the turret and sponsons. I don't really expect to used the heavy flamer sponsons, and the lower support on the Baal sponsons would make switching out the weapons difficult, so I just painted up the standard doors to pair with the flamestorm cannon.

It's nothing too fancy, and carries on my standard bright, somewhat cartoony scheme that I use for the Blood Angels. Even though I generally hate painting tanks, it was fun to work on Blood Angels again. I've got two more Baal Predators sitting around, but I'll be concentrating on my Eldar for the immediate future. They need a lot of work before I can be proud to put them on the table.

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