Monday, August 12, 2013

Commission: Ultramarines Army

Okay, okay, the army's not entirely complete. I still have to finish Marneus Calgar. However, the client is itching to play with the army and decided to pick it up without Calgar, who will be delivered when I finish him. I wanted to get a few pictures of the army before I turned it over to its rightful owner. Here they are borrowing my Executioners' display board.

All in all, the army contains:

Terminator Librarium

Captain, with or without jump pack


21 Marines with Bolters

9 Marines with special weapons (3 flamers, 3 meltaguns, 3 plasma guns)

3 Sergants (power fist, power axe, chainsword)

9 Marines with heavy weapons (5 missile launchers, 2 plasma cannons, 1 lascannon, 1 heavy bolter)

5 Assault Marines with plasma pistol and power sword

20 Terminators with 4 chainfists, 2 assault cannons, 2 cyclone missile launchers

Predator with interchangeable weapons


Drop Pod

Here's the happy client with his army:

And here they are in their first game, taking on the Tau:

Overall, it makes me feel like this:


  1. Hey these look amazing Brian, seriously 10/10. I like the nice clean aesthetic. I may have to get you to paint my Space Sharks for me.

    I look forward to the doubles tourney this weekend, my brother and I are bringing Necrons and Chaos Marines. Unfortunately we have never actually played a game of 6th edition (I HATE the changes in 6th ed lol) so the tourney will be our first time playing under the new rules.I hope we get to cross swords in battle again as it is always fun.

    -Chris D., the Necron guy

  2. Good to hear from you, Chris! I was wondering where you went.

    I'll be there with Eldar paired with Tyranids, and I hope we get a game in against you as well. Aside from the fact that 6th Edition killed the Blood Angels, I have really enjoyed it so far. I had a great time with my Space Marines, but switched to Eldar when they came out for a change of pace.

    Make sure your armies can deal with flyers as best you can. They can be pretty dominating in this edition if you're not prepared. I'm not sure how well my Eldar will do, but I've got enough S7 shooting that I hope it will take out flyers even without skyfire.

  3. Oh Chris are so coy. Look forward to seeing you at the tournament. I haven't seen you around since you were playing space wolves and that tree fell on you car. I still have my sisters of battle but I think these ultramarines will keep me occupied for a while.


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