Monday, June 24, 2013

Tournament Report: Game 2

My second game would be against a Necron army. Impressively (to me at least), it wasn't a Necron Air Force but a very fluffy phalanx of infantry supported by two Monoliths and Destroyers.

Once again, I used:

Amra (aka Lysander)

10 Tactical Marines w/ plasma gun, lascannon

10 Tactical Marines w/ plasma gun, lascannon

5 Scouts w/ Telion, 3 sniper rifles, missile launcher, camo cloaks

10 Sternguard w/ 2 combi-meltas

8 Sternguard w/ 2 combi-meltas, 2 plasma guns

Thunderfire Cannon

5 Assault Terminators, all with thunder hammer/storm shield

Stormraven w/ multi-melta, assault cannons

Stormtalon w/ skyhammer missiles

The Necron list, as I can remember it, was:

Nemesor  Zahndrekh

Vargard Obyron

11 Necron Warriors

10 Immortals w/ Tesla

10 Immortals w/ Tesla

3 Heavy Destroyers

3 Heavy Destroyers



The game was Big Guns Never Tire with Hammer and Anvil Deployment. I deployed my Thunderfire in a fortified ruin in the rear, with three combat squads to my left in area terrain. Amra's Sternguard squad stood behind a ruin, out of line of sight, while the other Sternguard squad, a lascannon combat squad, and the Scouts took up positions in the ruin.

The Necrons deployed with the Monoliths blocking line of sight to the infantry, though one block of Immortals with Obyron stayed way back, out of sight. I could guess what they were planning to do. 

My turn opened with some amazing luck as the first lascannon shot targeted at a Monolith destroyed it. This specific model seemed to have a vendetta against Monoliths, as it seemed like every shot he made throughout the game damaged one. The other lascannon never did. My snipers also managed to kill a Destroyer on the right.

The Necrons advanced their remaining Monolith, while a unit of Destroyers moved into the center of the board. The Destroyers picked off a few marines with their heavy gauss cannons.

In my turn 2, my flyers arrived. The Stormraven inflicted two hull points of damage on the Monolith, destroying one of the flux arcs, while the Stormtalon and my forward squads wiped out the central squad of Destroyers. My snipers took down the remaining Destroyers on the right.

The Necrons held their positions for the most part. The Monolith blasted a combat squad, killing only 2 due to some good cover saves. Meanwhile, the other Necron shooting brought down my Stormtalon.

My turn 3 was mostly just consolidating my position. A combat squad moved toward the central objective, while Amra and his Sternguard advanced on the Monolith. The other Sternguard squad moved toward the Immortals holding an objective, shooting them and softening them for a Terminator charge. The Stormraven shot toward the same squad, opening fire as well. Thanks to good old fashioned Necron resilience, I only managed to kill 3.

The Necron turn saw the launch of Necron counter-offensive. Obyron teleported his squad deep into my lines, opening fire on my Sternguard but not doing much. The Monolith blasted apart another combat squad. The Warriors opened fire on the Stormraven above them, but didn't manage a single glancing hit with their gauss flayers.

In my turn 4, I advanced a combat squad to take the central objective, while Amra and his Sternguard moved to rapid fire Obyron's Immortals. Their AP3 rounds with re-rolls to hit scythed through the Immortals, leaving only Obyron standing.   I also managed to bring down the Monolith with my very reliable lascannon and an extremely lucky glance from my Scouts' missile launcher. The Stormraven deployed its Terminators, and they assaulted the Immortals. The sergeant fell prey to mindshackle scarabs, but fortunately only banged on his brothers' shields. All but two of the Immortals were struck down, but 4 stood back up. At least the Lord was down.

The Necrons were running out of units, but Obyron still had the potential to cause a lot of trouble in my backfield. He charged my Thunderfire and killed the Techmarine, though the Techmarine managed to score a wound on the Necron juggernaut. The Warriors opened fire on the hovering Stormraven, easily destroying the aircraft with glancing hits.

In my turn 5, my Sternguard gunned down Obyron, but he stood right back up. My Terminators charged into Zahndrekh's unit, which held its own due to counter-attack, Zahndrekh tanking  wounds, and Obyron teleporting back to save his commander. The rest of the game was fighting out the combat, which proved indecisive. My forces on the rest of the battlefield grabbed objectives, and it was a win for the Executioners!

Lessons Learned:

Wins are always less informative than losses. As always, vehicles have a very short life expectancy against Necrons. I think the Monolith's aren't too scary, but I also think I got really lucky with all of the damage I did. My lascannons never roll that well. Once again, it was really my mobile units that did the damage, and the Sternguard really only got to open up on the advancing forces, Obyron's squad and the Destroyers.

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