Friday, June 28, 2013

Tournament Report: Final Thoughts

Despite my attempts to make my army more competitive, I still didn't do so well. Now, that certainly has a lot to do with some bad match ups as well as poor decisions on my part (especially in the first game). Still, there are significant problems with my army list (which made those match up so bad). I simply have no protection against large blasts that go through power armor, and I can't get to it quickly enough to destroy it. I just have to wait for my flyers to engage it, and they are usually too busy dealing with enemy flyers or anti-air units.

Speaking of flyers, it seems to me that the Stormraven is far better at being a gunship than at delivering Terminators into assault. While they almost always reach the enemy, the Stormraven is killed as soon as it drops into hover mode. The problem is that I need the Stormraven's guns much more than I need the Terminators in assault. I am thinking I would be best off without the Terminators.

I can see two ways to improve this army. The easiest (since I already own them) is to add Rhinos to my squads. I know everyone online dislikes Rhinos, as they allow the enemy to grab First Blood. However, I seem to lose First Blood as often as not, so I don't see this as a massive concern compared to getting my army into optimal engagement range. Moving 18" a turn, Rhinos will easily do this.

The second option, and probably the best, is to convert the army into a drop pod force. Given the number of pods I would need, that's a bit price prohibitive. I'll be playing with the Rhinos for the moment, but the pods may be added in the future. I'll be waiting to see what the new Codex: Space Marines brings.


  1. Although you did make some big tactical mistakes, don't be too hard on yourself for that last battle. Forge World is either weak sauce or OP, and those Guard flyers were pretty strong for their points. (I haven't played at Atomic Empire since before 6th dropped - I know Dale allowed you to play with one "40k-approved" unit, but how did that guy have an entire list full of FW stuff?)

    Anyway, you're spot-on about the Rhinos. That's exactly what you need at this point - as you pointed out it's almost irrelevant that they give up First Blood anyway. I'd rather have a turn to get my guys where I want them than watch them all die horribly and without ever firing a shot. Last I checked, Space Marines aren't stupid - they don't just blindly charge forward dying in droves... well, Black Templars, maybe, but not everybody else!

    I'm not so sure about the pods. They will get you where you want to go instantly, which is what you're basically after, so you could always run some cardboard proxy pods to try it out...

    I'm with you in that the Stormraven's primary role is as a gunship... the fact that it can carry guys is almost an afterthought. Every time I've seen one drop down to deliver its payload, they always meet the same fate: they explode. The primary role of the 'Raven is anti-flyer. Maybe you should drop the Termies from the list so you won't be tempted to throw them in it, or simply deep strike them in.

    Speaking of guys that aren't doing much, what has Amra/Lysander really done for you lately? I know he's supposed to buff the Sternguard, and occasionally pull a Superman by eating some plasma rounds or something, but he really doesn't seem to accomplish too much.

  2. Thanks for the well-thought out comment! The gloves are now off when it comes to Forgeworld, and anything that is 40K approved is legal for tournaments.

    It's good to hear someone supporting my thoughts on Rhinos and the Stormraven, particularly because I'll I read on the internet is how useless Rhinos are and how the Stormraven is great for delivering assault units. I'll probably be dropping the Terminators from the list for the moment as I don't know how to deliver them with what I have.

    As far as Amra, he's a fun trick and he does demolish everything he touches, but he won't fit into a Rhino so he won't be in that version of the list. I'll be using a Librarian for the near future, though I may also give Kantor another try. I expect Amra would be great in a Drop Pod list, as he will make the Sternguard's firepower on the drop very reliable and act as an assault deterrent, but that is sometime in the nebulous future.

    Thanks again for the feedback! It was good to hear.


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