Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Executioners Background: Late Badab War

This background is based on that from Imperial Armour Volumes 9 and 10, without any additions from my homebrewed fluff. I decided to write up a synopsis of the official Executioner background due to the difficulty and expense in procuring the original sources. Enjoy!

After the events of the Red Hour, the Executioners waged a private war against the Astral Claws, using their knowledge of the hidden Secessionist bases to inflict significant damage with few losses. They immediately ceased attacks on Imperial shipping, much to the confusion of the Loyalists. The events of the Red Hour only came to light once the Pyre of Glory limped into port months later. However, the Executioners refused to surrender to the Loyalists.

In 838912.M41, the Sons of Medusa and Carcharodons combined forces in order to finally hunt down the Executioners. Pellas Mir’san, still mindful of how the Executioners had saved his warriors and butchered the Astral Claws instead, decided to intervene on their behalf. Aboard the repaired Pyre of Glory, Pellas Mir’san found Phaeton’s Wrath and the Night Hag in the Eridian Cataract, hunting down two Sons of Medusa strike cruisers that had been searching for them. Pellas Mir’san interposed the Pyre of Glory between the two sides and deactivated all of its weapons.

After a tense stand-off, Pellas Mir’san convinced both sides to stand down and negotiated the Executioners’ surrender. The Pyre of Glory escorted the Night Hag, with Thulsa Kane on-board, to parley with Loyalist high command. During transit, they were shadowed by bloodthirsty Carcharodon warships, but they were not attacked.

Though many of the Loyalist Chapters wanted bloody vengeance on the Executioners, the Loyalist High Commander, Carab Culln of the Red Scorpions, agreed with Pellas Mir’san. Though he had no sympathy for the Executioners, he realized the losses that would be incurred defeating the stubborn Astartes and wished to bloodlessly remove the Executioners from the conflict.

The Executioners agreed to end all hostilities and withdraw from the Maelstrom Zone. The bulk of the Chapter would return to Stygia-Aquilon while Thulsa Kane and his honor guard would remain in the custody of the Salamanders on Nocturne. There they would remain until a Consistorial Court of Inquiry could determine their punishment.

This occurred in 895913.M41. Of the Secessionist Chapters, the Executioners received the lightest punishment in recognition of their honorable conduct throughout the war and their actions during and following the Red Hour. Stygia-Aquilon was given over to the Salamanders and the Executioners’ successor Chapters. It would be returned to the Executioners after completion of a 100 year penitent crusade, during which they could not recruit new marines.

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