Friday, May 10, 2013

Space Marines in 6th Edition: Heavy Support Part 2

Land Raider

The standard Land Raider is a well-rounded, but somewhat conflicted tank. With AV14 all around and 4 hull points, it’s probably the toughest tank in the game. It’s an assault vehicle that can transport 12 models, and it will likely reach the enemy due to its durability. In addition, it packs two twin-linked lascannons, a twin-linked heavy bolter, and it can carry a multi-melta (a strongly suggested upgrade for any Land Raider).

The Land Raider has found a new niche in 6th edition. Many vehicles became more vulnerable and people have stopped taking meltaguns in favor of massed S7 or S8 firepower. The Land Raider is pretty impervious to these weapons. In addition, it’s not nearly as vulnerable to most flyers as it doesn’t care if the flyers can target its sides or rear. Finally, two twin-linked lascannons make for a decent chance at taking down flyers.

The Land Raider is a good transport for a squad of Assault Terminators, and packs weaponry to deal with enemy tanks on its approach. It’s particularly useful if you plan on launching your assault late in the game, as it has the long range firepower to support your army, unlike the other Land Raider patterns.

Land Raider Crusader

The Crusader has the same durability as any Land Raider, but swaps its lascannons for hurricane bolters and its heavy bolter for a twin-linked assault cannon. It also can carry 16 models, allowing it to deliver a tremendous assault force (though only Assault Terminators can really take advantage of the its transport capacity in Codex: Space Marines).

The Crusader has two main roles. It can deliver a massive assault force, and it can sweep away enemy light infantry. It’s perfectly suited to close range support of your assault unit; just keep it clear of melta weapons.

Land Raider Redeemer

The Redeemer is similar to the Crusader, in that it excels at delivering an assault unit and support them up close. While the Crusader has hurricane bolters to take out light infantry, the Redeemer mounts flamestorm cannons to deal with power armored infantry. Aside from that and its reduced transport capacity, the Redeemer functions similarly to the Crusader.

Due to the size of the Land Raider chassis, it’s almost impossible to hit one unit with both flamestorms. Fortunately, you can use the Power of the Machine Spirit to target another squad one of the sponsons, barbecueing two units at once.

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