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Executioners Background: Overview

This background is based on that from Imperial Armour Volumes 9 and 10, without any additions from my homebrewed fluff. I decided to write up a synopsis of the official Executioner background due to the difficulty and expense in procuring the original sources. Enjoy!

The Executioners are a successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists, created during the 3rd Founding. They have two confirmed descendant Chapters: the Iron Champions and the Crimson Axes (the Skull Bearers claim to be as well, but this is unconfirmed. When created, the Executioners were led by Fafnir Rann, one of the most aggressive of Rogal Dorn’s captains. The Executioners were created with the sole task of slaughtering the enemies of the Imperium rather than act in any defensive role.

The Executioners are a grim, barbaric Chapter that disdains the pageantry and strict discipline exhibited by most Space Marine Chapters. They are known for their stubborn endurance and terrible wrath against any they see as a threat to humanity. Like Heresy era Space Wolves, the Executioners see themselves as the Emperor’s personal headsmen. The only trait they share with their Imperial Fist progenitors is a tremendous skill at arms and an iron sense of honorable conduct. The Executioners beliefs and traditions owe more to their feral recruiting worlds.

The Executioners operate on the fringes of the Imperium, although they have warred across the Imperium in their long history. Since M37, they have claimed the twin worlds of Stygia and Aquilon as their home. Their fortress monastery is known as the Darkenvault, an armored asteroid base gravitationally trapped between the two planets.
Despite their grim demeanor and remote location, the Executioners maintain good relations with the wider Imperium. The Darkenvault serves as a refuge for Explorator missions and deep space patrols. In return, the Executioners have access to many fleet anchorages and supply stations and receive arms and armor from the Mechanicus of Gryphonne. 

Each Executioner Marine must forge their own saga in order to be remembered in the chronicles of the Chapter and advance within the Chapter’s command. This has led to a proclivity for dueling within the Chapter, both against enemy champions and to settle honor debts between Executioners. Unlike most other Chapters that allow honor duels, the Executioners fight to the maiming or the death of one of the opponents. Such duels are also used to determine who command positions within the Chapter; each Company Captain has the right to challenge the Chapter Master, the High Executioner, for the right of command. 

Another outgrowth of the Executioners’ pursuit of glory is the carrying of battlefield trophies taken from particularly challenging foes. These are presented to the Chaplains, or Death-Speakers, after the battle as proof of their deeds. In addition to maintaining these records, it is also the Death-Speakers duty to maintain order within the independent and unruly Chapter. Due to the difficulty of this task, the Executioners maintain three Chaplains per Company.

The Executioners follow the Codex Astartes with only a few alterations to reflect their predilection for close assault and short ranged firefights. These types of combat are preferred because they allow the marines to gain glory and take trophies. The Executioners main departure from the Codex Astartes is to replace one Devastator squad in each Battle Company with a Sternguard squad. In addition, the Chapter dislikes the use of bikes and attack bikes, preferring Land Speeders for operations requiring high speed. When possible, the Executioners prefer to bring heavy armor to bear to crush their enemies.

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