Monday, May 20, 2013

Executioner Heavy Bolter Sternguard

I recently played in a Kill Team tournament, and I took an Executioners Sternguard squad as my team. Based on the rules and the type of units I was likely to face (and the fact that it's only 5 points), a heavy bolter seemed like a good addition to the team. I didn't have one painted up, but I did have the model, and a rainy period was preventing me from priming any more Ultramarines. It was time to paint another Executioner.

This model has been hanging around on my painting desk for years. I think he was originally intended to be a Blood Angel, so he's built as a very basic marine. I did slap a knife and skull on him to make him more Executioner-ish, but he's my first Sternguard with a standard helmet. Even so, I think he came out well and will fit into the squad.

Next up should be more Ultramarines, though I'm assembling some new additions to the Executioners as well.


  1. Looks fantastic! I've always been a fan of your Executioners; keep them coming!
    But I'm also an Ultrasmurf, so keep them coming too!

  2. Very nice! I really dig how that turned out!


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