Monday, April 1, 2013

Stormtalon Gunship: The Four Winds

The Executioners make a triumphant return to my painting table! I'm particularly excited about this latest model because it adds a flyer to my army, and I'm very excited to put it on the table. I've spent too long getting bombarded by enemy flyers and it's time for me to deliver some death from the skies myself.

Sorry about the pictures. The model is bigger than my standard photography set-up, so you get to see some of my painting table.

I'm happy with how the model came out, and it's a great kit in general. It fits together well, and it's easy to magnetize the side mounted weapons. If I had any complaints, it's that the Stormtalon is really lacking in easily accessible flat areas that are good for freehand. It was hard to find place to put chapter iconography.

The paint job came out well, but is pretty standard for my Executioners' vehicles. Of particular note is the techmarine pilot, which I think adds some much needed visual interest to an otherwise dark model. I spent some time putting the chapter symbol on his shoulder pad, which sadly isn't very visible. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the black weathering powder I streaked onto the model. I think it's a good approximation of the grime that collects on plane wings.

Next up will be a few heavy weapons Executioners so I have some more options for an upcoming tournament. I'm also working on a simple display board for that same tournament.

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