Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Executioners Heavy Weapons

I've been having reasonably good experiences with my Executioners, I have found my Tactical squads' loadout pretty limiting. I started out with both squads having a meltagun, multi-melta, combi-melta, and power fist in 5th Edition. When 6th came out, I decided that meltaguns and power fists probably weren't the way to go, and built plasma gunners and bolter Sergeants for the squads. However, I stuck with the multi-melta.

Frankly, the multi-melta has a lot going for it. It's free, and it's terrifying to anything within range. Sure, it'll probably never get it's 2D6 armor penetration roll because no one will move a vehicle within 12" of it, but it doesn't need it. They tear through most vehicles as well as monstrous creatures and heavy infantry. Personally, I just love having more S8 AP2 shots. Being able to inflict instant death on terminator characters is a beautiful thing.

However, I do find their lack of range very limiting. The firepower in my list generally forces the enemy to come at me, but my multi-meltas are usually out of range in the first turn. In addition, they're not very useful dealing with enemy heavy weapons, which can out range them. On several occasions, this has led to my squads running madly across the center of the board to kill a Leman Russ. With that in mind, I wanted to add some extra heavy weapon options for the Tactical squads, and so painted up two lascannons and a plasma cannon. I'd rather give both squads lascannons, but the plasma cannon is there for when I can't afford it.

I really like this picture; it has a strong Ghostbusters feel to me for some reason.

There they are. Standard Executioners paint scheme, though I think the mud on their boots came out particularly well. Of course, I've got the rest of the Devastator box to add to the army, but these were the models that I might need for an upcoming tournament, so they got priority. All I have left to get ready is my display board, then it will be back to painting Ultramarines.


  1. Very nice! I really like how those turned out!

  2. I think you made a good choice there. If you are still missing your MM's; check if you have points for MM Attack Bikes.

    Good Luck in upcoming tournament.


  3. Thanks! As for the weapon choices, I do think these are going to work out better for my Tacticals. As for the Attack Bikes, I actually have two sitting around. The fluff for the Executioners says they generally don't use bikes, but I may make an exception for them. They're a great unit and I'm not using all my fast attack slots.


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