Monday, April 15, 2013

Brawler Bash GT: I won something!

This weekend, I attended the Brawler Bash GT. It was a 5 game, 2 day grand tournament in Durham NC, hosted by my FLGS, Atomic Empire.  This is the only 40K Grand Tournament in North Carolina, and is the first year that Brawler Bash included 40K (it's only been a Fantasy GT previously).

The tournament was really well run, and every match started and ended on time. As always, the terrain was amazing. With almost 30 40K players, and over 100 Fantasy players, this is the biggest event I've ever been to. While I am thoroughly exhausted at the end of it, I had a blast and would strongly recommend it to anyone in the area.

The competition was really fierce, and my army list was really not up to par. All of my games were a lot of fun, but my single Storm Talon was not up to defending my army from the plethora of flyers that I ran into. I'll go into my games in further posts, but suffice it to say that I came in last in battle points. The winner of the tournament was a Dark Eldar/Eldar player that I played in a previous tournament.

Despite my failure on the table, I did come away a winner. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I was gunning for best painted army, in this case called the Bash Brush. I am very proud to say that the Executioners were voted the best painted army by a combination of the players and judges. However, I was really, really surprised that I also was voted best sportsman (the Bash Crasher). I had 5 really fun games against some great opponents, and we never had anything close to a rules argument (not that I was letting them get away with anything because I wanted high sportsmanship scores. They just all played very clean games). I was really touched to receive the sportsmanship award, and I think it means more to me even than the painting award.

I have proof that I have a good looking army and I'm fun to play against. Now I just need to get better at the game!


  1. Congrats. Two of the best awards to receive in my opinion.


  2. Congrats, man! You're a man after my own heart (as these are the awards I get most often myself).
    The Sportsmanship is my favorite as well. In fact, when I wore the Power Armour and ran tournies all the time, I would award my 'Best Painted' and 'Best General' winner with a $50 GC, and then award my 'Best Sportsman' $100. My rationale is that I'd prefer to reward the person that was most fun to play against and would attract even more people to the hobby. It's nice to see sportsmanship meaning something all these years later...
    Again, congrats! Great job!

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm very proud and excited to have received these awards.


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