Friday, April 19, 2013

Brawler Bash: Game 2

My second game had me matched up against a Tyranid player, the same one that I was partnered with in the last team tournament. Not only that, but he'd made a great deal of progress painting his army and it looks great (he took 2nd place for army painting, and I think he'll be stiff competition for me in the future).

His army was:

Hive Tyrant w/ wings, 2 twin-linked deathspitters

3 Hive Guard

3 Zoanthropes

8 Ymgarl Genestealers

Tervigon w/ cluster spines, adrenal glands, toxin sacs

15 Termagants

16 Termagants

3 Tyranid Warriors w/ lash whips and boneswords, barbed strangler

17 Gargoyles w/ adrenal glands, toxin sacs


Trygon Prime

The mission was Purge the Alien with Vanguard Strike deployment. Seemed like a fairly good match up for me, and I was overjoyed to see some infantry on the table for my army to engage.

Here's the deployment.
The Tyranid swarm advances as I prepare to open fire.

 The Tyranids advanced across the table, and I opened up on them. My Predators brought down 2 of the Zoanthropes as I knew they'd be a threat to my armor. The last survivor still managed to be a real thorn in my side, killing a Predator and blasting quite a few marines as it made tons of invulnerable saves. I didn't have any units that could target the Gargoyles on the left, so I concentrated on pushing back the encroaching Termagants.

The Nids on the right take heavy casualties. You can see the dead pile in the upper right.

The Trygon and Ymgarls showed up on my left flank, and the Gargoyles swooped in on the Scouts. Fortunately for my, the Mawloc didn't show up. I'm not sure I could deal with that much at once.

The Tyranid trap closes on my left.
The Gargoyles charge the Scouts while the Ymgarls assault the Tactical squad.
The Scout were wiped out, but the Tactical marines hold firm against the Genestealers.
I teleported Lysander and the Sternguard over to the left flank, where they were able to add their firepower to taking down the Trygon. It took almost all the firepower I could bring to bear, but I killed the Trygon. The Stormtalon opened fire on the Hive Tyrant and caused a few wounds.

Note the gap where the Trygon was.
The Tyrant made an attack run on the Stormtalon, but I managed to roll three jink saves to keep it in the air. The Gargoyles charged the smaller Sternguard, but no longer had the numbers to take them out. One Sternguard died, but they killed three Gargoyles. The Trygon tried to eat the Sternguard clustered from teleporting, but scattered off and only ate the Tactical Marine with lascannon on top of the hill.

The Gargoyles assault the Sternguard...
...but can't pull it off.
The Mawloc roars triumphantly after consuming my lascannon marine.
In my turn, my Sternguard finished off the Hive Tyrant while Lysander charged into the Gargoyles and helped to wipe them out. Meanwhile, the Tactical Marines fighting the Ymgarls had forced the last Ymgarl to fall back and gunned him down.

The assault on my left has been driven back.
The Tyranids kept up the pressure, but they were running out of models.

The Termagants charge into the last survivor of one of my Sternguard squads, bagging another kill point.
At this point, lady luck insulted my opponent with this roll to hit as his Hive Guard shot at the Stormtalon.
In my last turn, I just tried to clean up some remaining Nids.

Amra charges the Tervigon, but can't bring it down before the game ends.
When we tallied up the Victory Points, I had won by a large margin. My opponent had some awful luck toward end of the game, but he was great to play against. His battle plan looked pretty solid to me, but his luck was so bad that I bought him a beer after the game.

Lessons Learned

As this was my one victory of the tournament, and it went my way for most of the game, there wasn't  too much for me to learn here. Basically, my army does well against lots of infantry and one flyer. Well, except in my last game, but we'll talk about that later.


  1. Nice battle! Well fought! Nids seem pretty strong in 6th. Haha awesome luck with the stormtalon. Lysander and sternguards are an awesome combo too. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Looking forward to our rematch! This game was a blast maybe when the pressure of being in a tournament is off my Mawloc might do something....


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