Friday, March 15, 2013

Team Tournament Conclusions

At the end of the day, we had played three good games against very fun opponents. Sure, we lost all 3 games but that doesn't diminish the fun we had. I think we played the first game well and it was a close loss due to some bad luck, while we made some major errors in games 2 and 3 (as mentioned in those battle reports).

I feel like my army didn't do nearly as well at 1,000 points as it does at 1,850. I think a big part of this is the number of bodies. I kept all the same Heavy Support but dropped a Tactical squad and a Sternguard squad, and I found myself needing the extra bolters much more than the lascannons the Predators brought. I'll have to revise my 1,000 point army to get fair few more marines in it.

I did really enjoy playing with the Librarian as my HQ. Combat Tactics didn't make much of a difference in any of my games, even though I did remember to use it for a change. However, Null Zone and Gate of Infinity provided serious utility to my squads, weakening the Daemons and allowing the Sternguard to teleport around the table and engage high priority targets.

Also, killing a charging Hellbrute with a overwatched krak grenade was unbelievably awesome.


  1. Was fun playing with you! I'm glad this finally went up and I enjoyed the write-ups/insight!

  2. Hi Chris! It was a fun experience, both prepping for and playing the tournament. Happy to hear you enjoyed the reports. While writing them, I realized that I only had general ideas about what happened with your forces, and I think that shows in the reports. I guess I didn't have to pay attention to those parts of the battle since you were handling them, so I don't remember them as well.


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