Friday, March 22, 2013

Space Marines in 6th Edition: Elites Part 3


The Techmarine really doesn’t have that much to recommend him. He’s got the statline of a basic marine in artificer armor, along with the ability to repair vehicles and increase the cover save of a set of ruins. While the ability to repair vehicles seems pretty useful, he’ll need a servo-harness and some servitors to reliably make repairs.

The Techmarine can take a unit of servitors, which help him repair things but do little else. Armed with servo-arms, they’re easily killed in close-combat before they can strike. They can be given heavy bolters, multi-meltas, or plasma cannons, but they’re exorbitantly expensive for a fragile, BS 3 platform.

A repairing Techmarine can be useful in certain lists. He can keep two stationary tanks alive for quite a while, making for a durable static firebase. Alternatively, he can ride in a Land Raider and keep it repaired from the inside. This makes an already tough tank really hard to kill off.

If you don’t have at least one tank that you really need to keep alive, there is still a place for a Techmarine in your list. However, he’s in the Heavy Support section and carries a really big gun.

Legion of the Damned

Despite being very cool models with great background, the Legion of the Damned are almost universally reviled. They have the statline of a Veteran Space Marine with an invulnerable save and Slow and Purposeful, and they have essentially the same options as a Tactical squad (though much more expensive). Finally, they have to arrive by Deep Strike and can re-roll their scatter die when they arrive.

Between their accurate deep striking and ability to fire heavy weapons on the turn they land, I can only guess that the Legion of the Damned were supposed to appear on the battlefield and take out a high value target. Sadly, there are few targets they can kill that don’t cost more than they do. A five strong unit with meltaguns and multi-melta (standard tank-hunting armament) costs 205 points. Once they take out their target, they’ll be killed very quickly. Ask any Thousand Sons player how useful that invulnerable save is against small arms fire.

The Legion of the Damned really doesn’t fill any useful role in a Space Marine army. They’re simply too expensive and inflexible for what they want to do.

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