Monday, March 25, 2013

Commission: Ultramarines Captain and Chaplain

After so many standard Ultramarines, I was planning on taking a break to work on some more Executioners. However, I'm waiting on an order of Chaos Warrior helmets that I need to build them. For an interesting painting project, I instead turned to some of the Ultramarines characters.

First up is a Chaplain. He's got pretty standard colored armor with white robes and a blue banner to add some color to the somber armor. Most interesting to me was his helmet. He's a model built with a standard helmet that needs to be instantly recognizable as a Chaplain. I took inspiration from the Night Lord's terror markings (and a certain comic book character) and painted the skull directly on the helmet. I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out. He's the scariest looking Ultramarine I've ever seen.

Next up is the Captain. He's a conversion from the Emperor's Champion model, and will be used for the classic Captain with artificer armor, relic blade and storm shield. He certainly looks the part, and I made sure to add some freehand to the armor to both convey his rank and the fanciness of the artificer armor.

Those of you familiar with this build of Captain know that he's usually run with a jump pack, which is conspicuously absent above. Thank the Emperor for magnets.

That's it for these two. I'm not sure what's up next. It all depends on when my helmets arrive in the mail.

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