Monday, February 25, 2013

Product Review: Sunlight Lamp

While I was moving, one of my desk lamps was broken. I'm a firm believer in painting with multiple light sources to eliminate shadows. It's just as important when photographing models, so I needed to pick up a lamp ASAP.

Until now, I've always used standard lamps with compact fluorescent bulbs (I find they produce a whiter light than incandescent bulbs). These aren't great but they are cheap and readily available. However, while looking for a lamp, I found this. It's a lamp that purports to mimic natural sunlight for just under $25. The replacement bulbs are pretty affordable too, so I decided to give it a whirl.

There it is on my desk. The base isn't so large as to dominate the desk, but is still heavy enough to keep the lamp from falling over when extended over the center of the desk. The lamp has enough joints to be positioned just about anyway you want, though it is constructed of what feels like pretty brittle plastic. I was very careful manipulating it at first, but it's survived with no damage so I've stopped treating it like an eggshell. Overall, the lamp is pretty much what I would expect for the cost.

What sets it apart is the bulb, which supposedly mimics daylight. The light is brighter than the 15W CFLs I've been using, but is a pleasant soft white. I had thought the CFLs were pretty white, but they look very yellow when compared to this bulb. Painting under the new lamp, I noticed that the colors are brighter and more easily separated (I'm partially color blind, and I find that brighter, whiter light really helps me to see the true colors). In addition, I've been experiencing less eyestrain when painting.

To show the difference, I photographed one of my latest batch of Ultramarines under fluorescent and sunlight lamps. Here they are without any color correction.



That's a pretty profound difference, and it feels like it makes a big difference to me when painting. I'm really happy with this new lamp, and I'd highly recommend it for the price.


  1. Solid Find and for the price its a no Brainer... Thank you.

  2. I ordered one this very moment after reading this. Rather go by the reviews of hobbyists than random people on amazon. Thanks.


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