Friday, January 25, 2013

Space Marines in 6th Edition: Generic HQs Part 2


The Librarian is often the default choice for a Space Marine HQ, though his advantages are not as significant as in 5th Edition. At 100 points with a force weapon and psychic hood, the Librarian doesn’t really need any extra equipment. He can choose from the powers in the Space Marine book or roll on any of the disciplines from the main rulebook except Divination. This gives you a lot of flexibility. I tend to take Gate of Infinity (for added mobility) and Null Zone (to help deal with Daemons, Deathwing, and some Death Stars), and switch them out for Telepathy if those powers aren’t suitable.


The Chaplain is a relatively cheap assault-oriented character, coming with a power maul and a 4+ invulnerable save. He makes the squad he joins Fearless and allows them to re-roll missed To-Hit rolls when they assault. In general, Chaplains excel at leading Assault squads (when given a jump pack) or Terminator Assault squads (when given Terminator Armor). They don’t bring much to shooty squads, and that includes most squads in the Space Marine army.

Master of the Forge

The Master of the Forge is an HQ Techmarine, with all the usual rules as well as a slightly better statline. While not too dangerous in assault, they can repair your vehicles or provide some decent firepower when equipped with a conversion beamer. As the power of the conversion beamer is heavily dependent on range and it is a heavy weapon, it’s worth considering giving the Master of the Forge a bike; this makes him Relentless and will allow him to choose the best positions from which to fire the conversion beamer.

However, the real reason to take a Master of the Forge is because he allows you to take Dreadnoughts (including Venerables and Ironclads) as Heavy Support and Elite choices. If you want to take a Dreadnought heavy list, this is the HQ for you. He can be used with a large number of Rifleman Dreadnoughts for a shooty force or Dreadnoughts and Ironclads in Drop Pods for a more aggressive force.

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