Monday, December 17, 2012

Tournament Report: Game 1

Last weekend, I took part in a three game, 1,850 point tournament. I decided to take the Executioners, as I've been having a lot of fun playing with them lately. Based on my previous experience, I took the following list.

Amra the Lion (aka Lysander)

10 Tactical Marines w/ Plasma Gun, Multi-melta

10 Tactical Marines w/ Plasma Gun, Multi-melta

5 Scouts w/ Camo Cloaks, 3 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Sgt. Telion

5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon, Chainfist

9 Sternguard w/ Power Fist, 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Combi-meltas

9 Sternguard w/ Power Fist, 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Combi-meltas

Thunderfire Cannon

Predator w/ Autocannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons

Predator w/ Autocannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons

Total: 1,842 points

This list gives up the Rhinos that I usually take for the power armored squads in favor of more Sternguard. It's also the first time I'm taking Lysander as my HQ. Having been continually disappointed by Pedro Kantor (though I'm having second thoughts about him in this style list), and a standard Librarian, I decided to splurge on the toughest HQ available.

Here's the table for the first game:

My opponent was a dedicated Khorne player with an extremely themed army. A Chaos Lord on juggernaut led a large unit of Spawn, followed by Kharne leading 35 Khorne marked Cultists and 3 units of 8 Khorne Berserkers.  In support, he had 2 Helbrutes with multi-meltas and 3 Obliterators.

The mission was Crusade using 5 objectives with Vanguard Strike deployment. I deployed first, putting my infantry in cover, ready to open fire on anyone crossing the center of the table. My Terminators, led by Amra, stood out front to meet any assaults, while the Predators and Thunderfire deployed as far away from the enemy as possible. In my first turn, I advanced slightly to bring my bolters into range and open fire. I inflicted a few wounds on the Spawn and chewed through quite a few Cultists.

The Chaos force pretty much just advanced towards my army, with the Lord and Spawn taking the lead due to their impressive speed.

I poured fire into the encroaching Chaos units, bringing the Lord down to a single wound and killing all but two Spawn. I also killed a few of the Cultists and the lead Khorne Berserker squad, in addition to the Predators killing a Helbrute. In the Chaos turn, the horde advanced again and the Lord and his spawn charged into Amra and the Terminators.

Amra answered the Khorne Lord's challenge, and the Chaos Lord then butchered Amra before he was ever able to swing. My Terminators inflicted some wounds to the Spawn, leaving them both with a single wound.

In my next turn, I continued to fire into the encroaching Chaos horde. I managed to kill all of the Cultists in front of Kharne, allowing me to shoot him directly. However, due to a combination of Look Out, Sir rolls and armor saves, Kharne survived undamaged. In assault, the Chaos Lord killed the rest of my Terminators. The Axe of Blind Fury is not to be trifled with!

 The Chaos turn was an important one. The Chaos Lord and his Spawn lined up to charge the Tactical squad on my far left, while Kharne and his Cultists and the Khorne Berserkers moving through the woods squared off to charge the Tactical and Sternguard squads on my right flank. I was hugely lucky this turn, as both Kharne and the Berserkers failed their charges (they were through difficult terrain, so it was chancy). In addition, my Tactical squad managed to kill off both Spawn and the Chaos Lord with their overwatch fire.

With the Lord dead, I could concentrate my fire on the second Chaos wave. When all was said and done, this:

 turned into this:

I wiped all of the Cultists outs, which allowed me to hit Kharne with my combi-meltas and take him out before he reached assault. In addition, my Predators destroyed the last Helbrute.

In the Chaos turn, the remaining Khorne Berserkers charged into the Sternguard squad on the right. They killed quite a few, but my Stubborn Sternguard were able to hold the line. In my final turn, I took two objectives with my Tactical squads while the second Sternguard squad charged into the combat with the Berserkers.

The combat continued until the game ended. I held two objectives while Chaos held none, giving me a first round victory.

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  1. Nicely done. Yeah that Lord is death on hooves to space marines.



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