Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Product Review: Wargames Factory Skeleton Warriors

The following review is no longer accurate. Wargames Factory has retooled their skeleton sprues and supposedly many of the concerns mentioned below have been addressed. I haven't tried their new Skeleton models yet, but have heard good things so far. Let me know if you have experience with their new skeletons. ~ CI

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Today I have a review of Wargames Factory's box of Skeleton Warriors. I've already reviewed their two boxes of Shock Troops, and have been pretty happy with them. I actually picked up the Skeletons even before them, but hadn't assembled them yet as I haven't been working on my Vampire Counts much.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tournament Report: Conclusions

At the end of the day, I had two convincing wins and one resounding defeat. I ended up coming in 6th out of 17, which is the best I've ever done. In addition, the Dark Eldar player who tabled me went on to win the tournament. I can't feel too bad about that loss.

My Executioners won the award for Best Painted army, which was really pleasing. There were several other well-painted armies there, and I take it as a great compliment that my army was chosen. I'm not sure how I'll try to top myself next year.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tournament Report: Game 3

With one win and one loss, I came up against a player using Eldar with Dark Eldar allies. His list ran along these lines:


Maugan Ra

Asdrubael Vect

10 Dire Avengers

6 Eldar Jetbikes w/  Shuriken Cannon, Warlock w/ Destructor, Singing Spear

10 Guardians w/ Starcannon, Warlock w/ Witchblade, Conceal

10 Dark Eldar Warriors w/ Splinter Cannon

3 Trueborn w/ 2 Splinter Cannons

10 Harlequins w/ Troupe Leader, Shadowseer, Death Jester, rest with Harlequin's Kisses

5 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch w/ Crack Shot and Tank Hunter

Night Spinner

Bastion w/ Quad Gun

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tournament Report: Game 2

Game 2 was against a Dark Eldar player with Eldar allies. His list was something like this:

Baron Sathonyx

Maugan Ra

5 Warriors w/ Splinter Cannon, Venom

5 Warriors w/ Splinter Cannon, Venom

3 Eldar Jetbikes

3 Eldar Jetbikes

3 Trueborn w/ 2 Dark Lances, Venom

3 Trueborn w/ 2 Splinter Cannons, Venom

3 Trueborn w/ 2 Splinter Cannons, Venom

5 Fire Dragons w/ Crack Shot, Tank Hunter Exarch

Large Beast Pack (mostly Khymerae, with a few Razorwing flocks)

Ravager w/ 3 Dark Lances

Razorwing w/ 4 Monoscythe Missiles

Bastion w/ Quad Gun

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tournament Report: Game 1

Last weekend, I took part in a three game, 1,850 point tournament. I decided to take the Executioners, as I've been having a lot of fun playing with them lately. Based on my previous experience, I took the following list.

Amra the Lion (aka Lysander)

10 Tactical Marines w/ Plasma Gun, Multi-melta

10 Tactical Marines w/ Plasma Gun, Multi-melta

5 Scouts w/ Camo Cloaks, 3 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Sgt. Telion

5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon, Chainfist

9 Sternguard w/ Power Fist, 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Combi-meltas

9 Sternguard w/ Power Fist, 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Combi-meltas

Thunderfire Cannon

Predator w/ Autocannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons

Predator w/ Autocannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons

Total: 1,842 points

Friday, December 14, 2012

Commission: Ultramarines Devastators

This is a small batch of models, with 2 plasma cannons and a lascannon. It was kind of refreshing to paint such a small batch, as it went quickly and I had time to work on something else (a Baal Predator) as each layer dried.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Commission: Ultramarines Tacticals

Here's the latest batch of Ultramarines, another three bolter marines and three special weapon troopers.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ward vs Kelly

I've been hearing a lot of talk lately about what codex author people prefer. Nobody likes Robin Cruddace's books, but people seem really split on Matt Ward and Phil Kelly. I think this all started as a joke with the Church of Kelly, but people seem to be discussing it seriously. The overall perception seems to be that:

1) Ward codices are cut-throat competitive but one dimensional, producing only one or two good builds.

2) Kelly codices are fluffier, more well-rounded, and have more competitive builds. It's argued that they stand the test of time better.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Battle Report: Executioners vs Blood Angels 1,850

I was able to play a game with my Executioners last week. I took this list:


10 Tactical Marines w/ plasma gun, multi-melta, Rhino

10 Tactical Marines w/ plasma gun, multi-melta, Rhino

5 Scouts w/ camo cloaks, sniper rifles, missile launcher, Telion

9 Sternguard w/ power fist, 2 plasma gun, 2 combi-meltas, Rhino

8 Sternguard w/ power fist, 2 plasma gun, Rhino

5 Terminators w/ assault cannon, chainfist

Predator w/ autocannon, lascannon sponsons

Predator w/ autocannon, lascannon sponsons

Thunderfire Cannon

Total: 1847

My opponent was playing Blood Angels. His list was more or less this:

Librarian w/ jump pack, Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius (with jump Assault Marines)

10 Assault Marines w/ power axe, 2 flamers, jump packs

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns, Land Raider Crusader

 7 Scouts w/ sniper rifles, missile launcher

 5 Devastators w/ 4 missile launcher

5 Terminators w/ assault cannon

 2 Attack Bikes w/ multi-meltas

 2 Attack Bikes w/ multi-meltas

 Furioso w/ frag cannon, heavy flamer, Drop Pod

Brother Corbulo (rode in the Land Raider)

Sanguinary Priest w/ jump pack (walked with Terminators)

Here's the table.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Game Review: XCOM Enemy Unknown

I've never done a video game review before. I'm really not that dedicated a video gamer; it's really something I do to take a break from painting or wargaming rather than a wholehearted hobby. In addition, even when I find a game that I really like, it doesn't seem appropriate to my blog.

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