Friday, November 9, 2012

Product Review: Wargames Factory Heavy Weapons Teams

Progressing on my plan to build a detachment of Armageddon Steel Legion, I picked up a box of the Wargames Factory Heavy Weapon teams. The kit comes with enough models to build 3 teams, as well as two commander models. Weapon options include a laser cannon, missile launcher, mortar, and heavy machine guns. I assembled mine as heavy machine guns, which I'll be using as autocannons.

The kits go together pretty well, and I feel like they fit together better than the basic infantry. Of particular not is that the torsos have deeper neck slots than the infantry, meaning the necks on the heads don't need to be cut down. The hands also seem to be better molded than the infantry kit (the standing models on the second two teams are from the basic infantry).

The one thing that bothers me about the kit is that it doesn't come with any instructions. These are more complicated models, and it's not too intuitive how they go together. The box has small pictures of every weapon option, but that's it. It took a bit of work to figure out how the machine guns went together, and the lascannon and missile launcher seem more complicated.

This kit also comes with a large amount of a new type of head, which looks like a more armored gas mask. I'll be using these to denote veterans.

Finally, the kit comes with two character models. I haven't assembled them yet. The main models look good, but the arms are once again disappointing. While they look like they actually fit on the model (as compared with the Infantry squad), they're really odd looking selections. The pistols look like super soakers, and the sword option is a katana, which makes no sense with the WWI German aesthetic that the rest of the models have. 

Overall, I like the kit and it should work well as a stand-in for the GW heavy weapons teams. However, it still needs some extra bits in order to really round it out. I'll be picking up a Cadian Command Squad for that. Other than that, the kit looks good (not quite up to GW detail, but great for the cost). The main impediment is the lack of any instructions, which would make the kit difficult for a new modeller to use, and frustrating even for a veteran gamer.


  1. Nice! I dig the minigun look - those are going to look sharp.

    Looking forward to seeing 'em painted up as Steel Legion, good call!

  2. Thanks! I do like the minigun look more than the GW autocannon, and there shouldn't be any confusion since IG can't have assault cannons.

    The Steel Legion won't be on the painting queue for a bit, as I have two more squads of Executioners that I want to paint first. I am looking forward to painting them up, and I have a scheme in mind already.


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