Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Background: Executioners Wargear

A man that treats his tools well will get good service from them in turn.

-Thulsa Kane

The bulk of the Executioners hail from the barbaric world of Aquilon. No matter what tribe they belonged to, they are taught early on that a dull blade or rusted armor can mean death. This belief has been thoroughly adopted by the Executioners Chapter, and each marine is expected to maintain, and often improve, his own equipment. The Chapter possesses the prescribed number of Techmarines, but they concern themselves primarily with maintaining the large number of tanks used by the Chapter. In addition, they also create and maintain the more esoteric equipment used by the Executioners, including the older marks of power armor preferred by many of the Chapter’s veterans.

This practice results not only in a higher proportion of Mk II, III, IV, and V power armor, but large numbers of marines with unique, personalized equipment. These modifications generally attempt to make current marks of power armor more similar to Mk III, which is highly prized by the Executioners for its increased protection and durability in close quarters combat. It is also common for Executioners to modify their helmets to resemble an executioner’s hood, further adding to their sinister appearance.

Finally, the Executioners utilize a unique weapon, which they simply call the Headsman's Axe. It is a large, double-bladed power axe which can be wielded with one or two hands. It is substantially more powerful than a standard power axe, capable of cleaving a power armored marine in two. In this, it is most similar to a power fist, though it possesses longer reach in exchanged for limited flexibility. Most Executioners prefer this axe because it can decapitate even the most powerful foe with a single strike.


  1. Sweetness!!! Kind of Salamandery, but with a unique twist. Really made that chapter your own.

  2. Thanks! I was worried it was a bit too close to Salamanders, but it fits their background. With all the established Chapters, it's hard to come up with fluff that isn't similar to someone else.


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