Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Background: Amra the Lion, Captain of the First Company

Brother-Captain Amra has lead the Executioners’ First Company for over two hundred years, having earned his rank by defeating all other claimants following the death of the previous Captain, Sergius. Amra is a massive warrior, even when not wearing his Tactical Dreadnought armor and his skill in close-combat is unparalleled within the Chapter. There are few that doubt that Amra would be High Executioner were he to challenge for the role.

However, Amra has no desire to claim that mantle, and readily praises Tytos Solomon for his skillful command of the Chapter. Amra is more than content to lead the First Company to earn greater and greater honors on the field of battle. In addition to being a juggernaut in his own right, Amra drills his warriors continually, and the First Company displays marksmanship beyond that of even other veteran Astartes. Amra was given the title “the Lion” by Thulsa Kane, who likened Amra’s stubborn hunting of enemy champions to the dominance displays of the extinct lions of Terra.

Amra is rare among the Executioners in that he is often humorous and mirthful. In the somber company of his battle-brothers, he loudly stands out. This is often attributed to him being a Cimmerian, a tribe from northern Aquilon. Though Cimmerians are counted as some of the best warriors in any of the Aquilonian tribes, they are insular and rarely make the journey to the Executioners’ admission trials. Those that do are almost inevitably chosen and often ascend to high positions within the Chapter. Whether Cimmerians are as mirthful as Amra is purely speculation, for few members of the Chapter have journeyed to Cimmeria. When asked about his people, Amra smiles knowingly and answers with a joke.

This combination of levity in person and savage battlefield prowess has made Amra extremely popular among the Executioners, both within and without the First Company. It also makes Amra a common choice to coordinate the Executioners’ actions with other Chapters or even Imperial Guard regiments, as he easily gains the friendship and respect of most allied commanders.

Unlike his somber Chapter Master, Amra prefers to stand out on the battlefield. When he hunts an enemy champion, they see him coming far in advance, but there is little they can do to stop him. Amra wears golden Terminator armor, painted to reflect his leonine nickname, and carries a massive storm shield bearing the Chapter insignia. His weapon of choice is the Blade of Rann, a power axe built around the preserved skull of the first High Executioner, Fafnir Rann.


  1. Nice read. Amra was also another Conan reference. Continue the great work.

    Any games in lately with the Executioners?



  2. Thanks! Sadly, this month has been really busy and I haven't made it to any games. I'm planning on taking the Executioners to a tournament mid-December, and I'm hoping to get some practice games in before then. I'll be using a new list with the Terminators and rely on Combat Tactics rather than special characters.


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