Friday, November 23, 2012

Amra the Lion

This is Amra, First Captain of the Executioners. I posted his background here, and this is his finished model. I went for gold armor with him, mostly so that he would stand out given that he's a fairly standard model. I also used a slightly brighter gold for his helmet. It doesn't really stand out, but I think it's a subtle way to draw attention to the model's face. The storm shield is from a Fantasy Warrior of Chaos with the chaos symbols shaved off, and the axe is my standard pattern with a skull modeled onto the shaft.

Amra's honorific is "the Lion." To reflect this, I put his heraldry on his pauldron, with a freehanded lion's head. I was worried that it wouldn't be recognizable, but my girlfriend was able to identify it as a lion without being told what it was supposed to be.

There he is. He'll be representing Conan in my force (Amra the Lion is a name Conan used during his years as a pirate). On the table, he'll use Lysander's rules.


  1. That is a great looking figure and I especially like the nod to Conan.


  2. Nice! I really like how that turned out - you've really done a phenomenal job with this force. Keep up the fantastic work!


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