Monday, November 26, 2012

2,500 point Vampire Counts Army

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Due to the holiday, I really haven't done any hobbying. However, I thought I'd post up the Vampire Counts army that I'm currently building towards. 

Valkar Ejszaka
Vampire Lord (524 points)
Ogre Blade, Other Trickster's Shard, Talisman of Preservation, Heavy Armor, Shield
Red Fury, Quickblood, Dread Knight
Level 4 Wizard, Lore of the Vampires

Severus Ejszaka
Vampire (191)
Sword, Dragon Helm, Dawnstone, Heavy Armor, Shield
Fear Incarnate, Aura of Dark Majesty
Level 1 Wizard, Lore of the Vampires

Vincent Deathmarch
Necromancer (145)
Sword, Dispel Scroll
Level 2 Wizard, Lore of the Vampires, Master of the Dead

Tomb Banshee  (95)

40 Skeleton Warriors (255)
Swords, Shields, Light Armor, Full Command
Screaming Banner

40 Zombies (130)   
Standard and Musician

20 Skeleton Warriors (130)
Swords, Shields, Light Armor, Full Command

 5 Dire Wolves (40)

5 Dire Wolves (40)

5 Dire Wolves (40) 

8 Crypt Horrors (314)
Crypt Haunter

4 Vargheists (194)

Varghulf (175)

Terrorgheist (225)

Total  2498

My plan is to use the large block of skeletons as an anvil. With 2 Vampires and a Banshee, it should be able to do a fair amount of damage. The combination of Screaming Banner, Fear Incarnate, and Aura of Dark Majesty should help the unit survive, and Aura of Dark Majesty will help the Banshee's howl as well. The Skeletons are just there for numbers. The Zombies will act as a tarpit, while the smaller block of Skeletons will be a bunker for the Necromancer. The Dire Wolves are standard disruption/war machine hunting units.  I know most players don't like Skeletons much, but I have an aesthetic preference for them and I have 120 painted, so they'll be most of my core.

The Crypt Horrors will make up my main damage dealing block. 8 should be pretty terrifying, and I should be able to heal any losses back with 3 casters. The Vargheists are there in much the same capacity as the Dire Wolves, though they're faster and can range farther because they're Vampires. They can also make an impressive flank charge if necessary.

Finally, the Varghulf and Terrorgheist should both be able to act as mobile damage dealers; the Varghulf to butcher infantry while the Terrorgheist hunts heavily armored targets.

The idea is to have a strong, resilient center for the army while still maintaining the ability to do real damage (something my infantry will struggle with). I think putting so many characters in the Skeleton block may be dangerous, especially since the "Fear Bomb" won't work on ItP enemies, but it seems feasible and fun to me.

To build this list, I need 10 Dire Wolves, the Crypt Horrors, Vargheists, and Terrorgheist. They'll be one of my main goals for next year. However, before I start on them, I'd love any advice you may have on the list. I'm just trying to get back into fantasy, so veteran opinions are always welcome.


  1. You have a fairly decent list.
    very fast and looks to hard hitting. My only worry would be the skeleton block, but noticed you have MotD.

  2. Thanks! I know Skeletons probably aren't the best choice (zombies provide numbers cheaper and ghouls do more damage), but I have a ton of painted Skeletons. I'm hoping all the fear items and a Master of Death Necromancer will keep the block alive (undead?) while the Vampires and Banshee do the damage.

  3. o/

    I first stumbled across your blog, during your series on the Badab war and its definitely one of my favorites. As a result, I'm nominating you (later this morning) for a Liebster award (the internet 'atta boy'. You can see it on my blog @

  4. Wow, thanks! I really appreciate, and I find it extra cool because I'm your only 40K blog!


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