Friday, October 12, 2012

Product Review: Wargames Factory Shock Troops

I recently picked up a box of Wargames Factory Shock Troops as stand ins for Imperial Guard models. The models have a very WWI German look to them, with great coats and gas masks. They could easily be painted up as Death Korps of Krieg or Armageddon Steel Legion, and I plan on doing the latter. Unlike the GW models for those armies, these models are quite affordable, retailing for $20 for 18 infantry models.

The box contains six identical sprues, each with 3 models. The plastic is a bit harder than GW plastic, but goes together well with plastic glue. There are some small mold lines, but nothing worse than on most GW kits. Each sprue has 3 torsos/legs as well as 3 each of 3 types of heads (2 helmeted and 1 mutant), 2 types of generic sci-fi guns, a flamer, a grenade launcher, and some assorted accessories like clips and canteens. There is also a Cthulhu style head, which would be great for cultists.

The standard models go together well, though you don't have many options beyond whether the weapon is raised or lowered and what direction the head is facing. Speaking of that, the heads are based on absurdly long necks, which need to be cut down to look normal. Not certain why they did that, but it doesn't take much work to fix it.

The models are also compatible with some IG bits I had laying around, so I used them to make some sergeants. This is fortunate, as each sprue comes with a hand holding a pistol and a pointing hand, which are obviously supposed to be used to make sergeants. These bits (and these alone out of the entire kit) are horrible. They don't fit well on the shoulders and look completely awkward no matter how they're posed. For an otherwise great kit, these two bits are extremely disappointing.

Overall, I really like these models and suggest them as a great alternative to GW's Imperial Guard or Chaos Cultists (the mutant and Cthulhu heads would be perfect here). They're affordable and look great. That said, you'll probably still need some GW bits for your sergeants and other specialized models.


  1. The bodies are adequate, generally just use Cadian bits for the arms/weapons and GW bits for the web-gear. I do like using the Shotguns as a basis for hot-shot las-guns when combined with muzzles from the Catachan las-guns. The left hands are pretty dreadful.

  2. Agree with Hudson on the left hands - they reminded me of the old plastic RT beakies marines boxed set ones.

    Otherwise, these guys paint up pretty well. I did three as part of an Inquisition team - I liked the faceless aspect to add to the team's fear factor.

  3. Thanks for the info!

    Though I forgot to specifically mention it, I agree on the left hands. They're not so much sculpted hands as amorphous appendages that could be painted as hands. I've seen worse sculpts, and for the price, I don't mind it.

    They will certainly have to be painted carefully to make them look right. I had some Cadian bits around to make the sergeants, but I'm not buying boxes of Cadians just for the arms. I'm just sticking with the shotguns, since they don't look much like shotguns to me. I think they work well for generic lasguns.


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