Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Commission: Ghost Knights and Crusaders

I took a bit of a break from the Ultramarines to work on my Grey Knights commission. It mainly consisted of three Ghost Knights, which were interesting to paint. The client gave me free reign to represent ghostly Terminators, but requested they be blue to fit in with the rest of his army. I decided to go with tinted metallics as I've never seen ghosts painted that way and it fit with Grey Knights.

I used the same technique that I use on the Executioners, but stuck with saturated colors rather than the more muted colors seen on the Executioners. The overall effect looks pretty good, but having the whole model just be shaded metallics was boring, even if it made sense.

To give the model a few points of interest, I picked out the eyes with bright blue and painted a lightning pattern on their swords. I think that it's a nice compromise. I also tried to use some washes to add a bit of on-source lighting to the base. It's very simple, but I think the effect looks pretty good.

Finally, I painted up two more Crusaders. Still fun models, but a bit less interesting this time since they're the exact same as the last set.

Now to resume the previously scheduled Ultramarines.

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