Monday, October 1, 2012

Blood Angels in 6th: Fast Attack

Vanguard Veterans:

Vanguard Veterans are probably the only squad in the game that really benefits from random charge length. Blood Angels Vanguards are already better than the standard Marine version because of Descent of Angels, but it was still hard to drop a squad within 6” of the enemy. Random charge length means that you still have a chance to use Heroic Intervention even if the squad lands a bit further away from the enemy. Sadly, they can’t use their jump packs to assault on the turn they land, but they still are more likely to make an assault than last edition. In addition, the Deepstrike Mishap table is more forgiving now, so we can be a bit more aggressive without endangering the unit.

Land Speeders:

Land Speeders have been rendered even more fragile in this edition. With only 2 hull points and AV10 all around, they go down extremely fast. Their newly acquired Jink save helps a bit, but they die quickly, even to bolter fire. Typhoons at least have the range to avoid most small arms fire, and so live a bit longer.

Baal Predator:

The Baal Predator got a bit of a boost this edition. As a Predator, it’s pretty hard to take out at range. It can still move 6” and fire all of its weapons, but now it can move 12” and fire two weapons at full BS rather than one. It can also move 12” in the shooting phase if necessary, making it faster overall.

The ability to fire two weapons when moving 12” is actually a huge advantage for a Baal armed with a flamestorm cannon and heavy flamer sponsons. It means you can fire at pretty much full effect (usually you’ll only be able to line up the turret and one sponson with the enemy) while moving fast enough to catch the enemy. While you’ll do a lot of damage, this is very dangerous for the tank because the enemy will be able to assault it. It’ll be hit on 3+ even when moving 12”, and krak grenades will destroy it pretty quickly. Therefore, I lean towards the assault cannon/ heavy bolter variant. It’s great at wearing down the big squads of infantry we see on the table lately, and it has the speed to stay out of range of assault and melta.

Bike Squad:

Bike squads gained the Jink and Hammer of Wrath rules. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same. They’re still solid units, fast and durable with reliable shooting. Thanks to Hammer of Wrath, they’re even a bit better in assault now.

Attack Bikes:

Attack Bikes received a significant boost because they now count their T5 for calculating Instant Death. This means that they don’t lose both wounds to missile launchers and lascannons, making them much harder to kill. The ability to Jink while maintaining fire makes them even more durable against heavy weapons. If you need fast multi-meltas, this is the unit for you.

Scout Bikes:

Like standard Bikes, these guys didn’t change much. Just like before, they’re still pretty expensive and fragile for that cost. They’re a fun unit, but I can’t figure out how to use them competitively.


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