Monday, October 15, 2012

Blood Angels in 6th: Dedicated Transports


The Rhino is the ubiquitous Space Marine transport, and it was quite common to see large numbers of them on the table in 5th Edition. Despite what many have said, the Rhino is still quite durable in 6th. Dedicated shooting will kill them, but it always would. However, the Rhino’s role is less important in 6th Edition. Squads with rapid fire weapons can fire at full range even when moving, meaning that the Rhino is no longer crucial for squads to reach their optimal firing range. Rhinos are almost useless for assault-oriented squads, as they can never assault when disembarking. Rhinos are also less useful for protecting your squads, as squads cannot score from within vehicles. In general, transports are most useful for short-range shooting squads in this edition. In our case, this is pretty much limited to Sternguard.


The Razorback is a Rhino with a heavy weapon and lower transport capacity. Just as durable as the Rhino, the Razorback has the problem that it will attract much more attention and, therefore, firepower. Previously, an army could field enough Razorbacks to provide substantial firepower, but these can’t be supported by the number of infantry that seem to be required in 6th Edition. Razorbacks will quickly be torrented down, leaving their small squads vulnerable. They still provide extra firepower without taking up an FOC slot, but they shouldn’t be taken in large numbers.

Drop Pod:

The Drop Pod provides an excellent alternative for getting your squads into position. It provides no protection for its squad and brings very little firepower, but it puts its squad safely on the table wherever you need it. This is much more in keeping with the requirements of 6th Edition. Once again, it provides the most benefit for short-range shooting squads, generally Sternguard and Dreadnoughts. However, it does provide the best means of getting Furiosos and Death Company Dreadnoughts into assault range. They will have to endure a round of shooting first, but it’s significantly better than marching them across the table.

It’s also worth noting that Drop Pods and their occupants do not count toward the number of units held in reserve, meaning that primarily Drop Pod armies are still viable.

Land Raiders:

Land Raiders haven’t changed too much, and have become more durable with AV 14 and 4 hull points. They’re extremely hard to penetrate, and they can absorb glancing hits without losing any effectiveness. They still are best used to deliver assault units to the enemy. Once they drop off their cargo, Land Raiders are more vulnerable to meltabombs and assault in general than they used to be and should fall back a bit to provide fire support.

Interestingly, the standard Godhammer pattern Land Raider actually has a pretty good chance of hitting a flier with two twin-linked lascannons. I wouldn’t take one for anti-flier duties, but keep that in mind if you’re taking one anyway.

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