Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some New Executioners

As I mentioned when I was writing up my lessons learned from the last tournament, the Executioners need some new models added to old squads to change their options for the next edition. I've just finished painting up the first batch of these.

First off is sergeants with bolters. These guys represent that same sergeants for my Tactical squads, previously armed with Executioner's Axes (power fists) and combi-meltas. Taking the sergeants with just bolters keeps the squads much cheaper and means they don't get killed immediately in a challenge.

Next up are a pair of plasma gunners for my Tactical squads to replace their meltaguns.

That's all I have for the Tactical squads at the moment, but I plan on picking up a Devastator box to give them more heavy weapon choices. Next up for the Executioners are more Sternguard, armed with bolters and plasma guns to replace combi-meltas and heavy flamers (I don't think those are necessarily bad options, particularly the heavy flamers; I just want options).


  1. As always, beautiful stuff! Your paint job on these guys is beautifully moody, and I really dig how those sergeants turned out. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks! I've never thought of the Executioners as "moody" but that really fits them. I think I'll keep using it to describe them.


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