Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: KR Multicase Backpack 2

For my recent birthday (29... getting old), I received a KR Multicase Backpack 2. This was desperately needed, as my old Sabol Army case couldn't fit multiple armies and constantly caused broken miniatures. It really caused problems for any models that project out of the rather small slots. Thus, I was very excited to get a KR case, and chose two sets of Space Marine Set G foam. This seemed like the best option for me, as they each hold a Predator, 2 Rhinos, 18 Terminators, and 100 infantry. However, I was very worried about all my jump infantry; they often have trouble fitting into standard infantry slots.

I was quite impressed with the quality of the backpack itself. The material is heavy and looks like it will hold up to significant wear and tear. It has a ton of pockets, including one that is the perfect size for GW rulebooks. The padding in the shoulder straps is a bit thin and the hip belt is unpadded. This would be a problem is you were carrying a great deal of weight in the pack, but the pack is very comfortable even when packed with two armies. Maybe the thinner straps would be uncomfortable if you packed the case with metal models, but I doubt it would be a problem for most players. All the zippers and stitching are high quality.

The pack carries two KR cardboard cases, but can collapse if you're only carrying one army. Personally, I find that extremely convenient.

Just like everyone I've ever heard talk about KR cases, I was skeptical about the cardboard cases. Like all those that came before my, my fears were unfounded. I've had much flimsier plastic cases. The cardboard is quite thick and tough.

Each case holds 6 trays; one for tanks, one for Terminators, and 4 for infantry.

The tank tray is pluck foam, and took a bit of cutting to get it into the shape that I wanted. It very comfortably fits a Predator and 2 Rhinos, or it could fit 2 Predators. The Terminator tray fits most of my Terminators easily, but isn't large enough for some of the crazier poses among my Space Hulk Terminators. I don't really hold that against them; some are twice the width of a standard Terminator. This case also works well for Sanguinary Guard.

My biggest worry was my jump infantry. The infantry cases fit 25 models each, and the slots are even smaller than those in my Sabol case. I started trying to fit my Assault squads in, prepared for disappointment, but I was surprised to find that the Assault Marines fit very well. KR's foam is extremely soft and flexible, and bends around the models and holds them secure. In addition, the bases of the trays are made from the same soft foam. If parts of a model stick out of the slot, the tray above it conforms to them. While I was constantly breaking models in my Sabol because of this, I don't think it's a problem at all with the KR foam. I actually packed my Assault Marines into the case poorly on purpose and then closed it on 4 packed infantry trays. Not a single Marines was damaged. Needless to say, I am extremely impressed.

 Overall, I'm massively impressed with this case. It holds more models and keeps them safer than any case I've had before. It's a bit on the pricy side, but the cardboard cases are very affordable. Now that I have the backpack, I can just buy new cardboard cases should I need to carry any other armies. Any new cases fit easily into my backpack. I highly recommend this case.

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